3 Kick

General Information

3 Kick is an interactive fitness product where foam pads are punched, kicked, slapped, or tapped with shoes or bare feet, a fist, or an open palm. Targets are marked with LED lights and an audible tone sounds when the pad is hit. Versatile and highly engaging, 3 Kick accommodates players from children to adults and beginners to the advanced and also allows single or team workouts. Operators control computerized scorekeeper and timer system.

Detailed Specs

  • Full body and hand-eye coordination, improved reaction time, foot work, balance and mental acuity
  • Elevated heart rate for fat burning and cardio effect
  • Provides fun and exciting fitness for all ages
  • Multiple built-in game modes & workouts
  • Multi-player mode (1-3 Players)

Highlighted Features


Reaction & Speed Training, Improve Cadio, Increase Strength & Stamina, Improve Balance.


Sport or games move as quickly as the player, so they can create a more personalized workout.


Custom sounds for post notification, correct pad hit notification and incorrect pad hit notification.

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