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Makoto is a unique training product which combines exercise with the proven science of Sensory Integration therapy to improve neurological and physical performance. Users can get a good all-round workout in just 15 minutes and regular use improves first-step speed, reaction time, mental focus, concentration, and hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Sports-specific drills are an option but the biggest biggest benefit of the Makoto Arena is the systemic improvement in the performance of the brain and central nervous system. Makoto can be used for: Youth Fitness, Senior Wellness, Medical Rehabilitation, Special Needs/Autism, Physical Performance.

Detailed Specs

Training with Makoto helps to improve:

  • First-step speed
  • Reaction time
  • Mental focus
  • Concentration
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Foot-eye coordination

Highlighted Features


Improve Focus & Reaction Time, Improve the Body-Brain Connection, Repair & Regrow Neurological Pathways


Range of programs and difficulty levels means product is suited to all ages and physical abilities


Tablet: 6 Months
Electronics: 1 Year
Steel: Life Time

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