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ValoClimb transforms a standard climbing wall into a highly immersive attraction for your facility. The combination of motion tracking technology and projected graphics creates a fun but challenging interactive game. Simply project the games onto an ordinary climbing wall and it becomes a huge touchscreen and gaming platform. 1 or 2 player mode with several options and levels suitable for climbers of all ages and abilities. Available games include: Skytails, Whack-a-bat, Climball, Astromania, Sparks and Augmented Problems. Supercharge your climbing walls!
*Climbing Wall not included.

Detailed Specs

  • PC Computer with Integrated Software
  • Gesture Recognition Camera
  • High-powered Projector
  • Innovative Games and Training applications
  • Cloud Service: monitor and control your wall remotely, troubleshoot, get updates
  • Size: range from 10-15′
  • Requiring little floor space

Highlighted Features

Eye Catching

High-powered projector creates stunning graphics

Cloud Service

Monitor and control your wall remotely, troubleshoot, get updates

Space Efficient

Requiring little floor space

the evoloution

of health and fitness

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Don't forget we have exergaming and interactive fitness solutions that cater to all age ranges and abilities. We've carefully chosen products that provide a fun and immersive experience.

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