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ValoArena is a groundbreaking mixed-reality playground that offers active social gameplay for up to 6 players at once. This unique attraction combines high-quality video games with full-body movement, creating an immersive experience without headsets, wires, or controllers. Players simply walk in and start playing, making it easy and accessible. As a turnkey solution, ValoArena is designed for high throughput and effortless operation, ideal for various entertainment venues like family centers and trampoline parks. Its design maximizes space efficiency while providing an engaging group experience. With unattended operation and no wearables required, ValoArena offers a seamless, low-maintenance solution for venues looking to boost their appeal and revenue.

Detailed Specs

  • Efficiently uses space with a 64 m² footprint and 3.1 m ceiling height
  • Accommodates up to 90 players per hour with 4-minute average game sessions
  • Family-friendly, suitable for kids from 4 years old, their parents, and teenagers
  • No controllers, wires or headsets needed, providing an immersive, staff-free experience with low overhead & maintenance costs
  • Flexible monetization options: accepts coins, cards, and RFID tags
  • Works in open access, pay-to-play, & reservation modes
  • Six mixed-reality game titles with multiple levels to encourage repeat visits
  • Regular game updates, new levels, and game releases to keep attraction fresh
  • Operates without staff while providing 24/7 customer support

Highlighted Features


Offers unique interactive games where your whole body is the controller


Fully automated and unattended, no headsets, controllers, or wires needed


Regular game updates and new releases keep the attraction fresh

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